Obama Wimps Out on IRS Scandal

Obama NopeIn the past, I’ve been really disappointed with President Obama. But now I’m really angry. He forced the resignation of acting IRS chief Steven T. Miller. This wasn’t done because Miller is culpable. Sure, you will hear that he testified before Congress that the organization wasn’t targeting groups based upon their political leanings. But that was because while he was heading the IRS they weren’t targeting groups based upon their political leanings. There was no credible reason to force his resignation.

So why did Obama do it? Because he’s a coward. Because he doesn’t stand for anything. Because he can’t take even a day of political heat. Just like with Shirley Sherrod, this administration doesn’t care what the facts are. They can’t wait until the facts are know. They need a scapegoat and they find one.

And what exactly does Obama get from all this? Does he really think that tomorrow all the papers will be hailing him for his leadership? Mark my words: tomorrow, there will be a lot of coverage of the fact that Miller was not the head of the IRS at any time during which this scandal was going on. And people (Including the conservatives who Obama wants to appease!) will call his actions into doubt. I know people will be writing much what I’m writing, “Rather than deal with the problem, Obama just looked around for a convenient scapegoat and fired him!”

Of course, most of the conservative world will just claim it was a political decision that is meaningless. And I hate to admit it, but they will be right. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the controversy and Obama is only doing it to quiet his critics. And guess what? It won’t work. And on the one scandal that really matters—the Associated Press phone surveillance—Obama is standing firm. According to him, what he did was right and proper because it dumps all over the United States Constitution. And Obama ought to know it, because he used to teach constitutional law. Of course, that was in his younger days when he believed in something other than accumulating power.

Shame on you, Mr. President!


Mitch McConnell said, “More than two years after the problem began, and a year after the IRS told us there was no problem, the president is beginning to take action. If the president is as concerned about this issue as he claims, he’ll work openly and transparently with Congress to get to the bottom of the scandal—no stonewalling, no half-answers, no withholding of witnesses.” John Boehner said, “The IRS admitted to targeting conservatives. My question isn’t about who is going to resign. My question is who’s going to jail over this scandal?”

And that’s within an hour of the president’s announcement.


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