One More Filibuster and Harry Reid Will Take Republicans to the Cleaners!

FilibusterYou can tell if a dog has been castrated, because it has no testicles. You can’t tell this with humans because they wear pants. So I’m just guessing, but I think Harry Reid has been castrated. It may just have been done for the public good. The last thing we need are a whole lot more unwanted Harry Reids roaming the streets of Washington. Of course, I’m guessing that Reid was castrated based upon how he’s dealt with the filibuster problem in the Senate and how it shows that he has no balls.

Last night, The Hill published yet another one of those “if the Republicans don’t cut it out, the Democrats are gonna do something” article, Senate Democrats: Nuclear Option for Filibuster Is Back on the Table. It reported that now organized labor is upset about the situation, especially as it applies to the National Labor Relations Board and Thomas Perez’s nomination as Secretary of Labor. I’m glad to hear that labor is pushing the Democrats, but if recent history is any guide, the Democrats will just ignore them.

The good guys in the Senate are, as usual, making sense. Bernie Sanders seems very angry and would like to see something done. And of course one of Harry Reid’s two young, fine senators, Jeff Merkley is none too happy. But the article would have us believe that Harry Reid too is mad. But the article only went as far as to say he was “seriously mulling another attempt at filibuster reform.” Well! He’s “seriously” thinking about an “attempt” at, what? Another pathetic filibuster reform idea that won’t solve the problem? Another limit on how long the minority can delay a vote before they filibuster it? And how long is Reid going to mull it over? Until 2016 when he retires?

The frustrating thing about all of this is that I don’t go a week without reading an article about how the Democrats are really unhappy about how the Republicans are abusing the filibuster. If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t give it another thought. And the sad thing is that I don’t think Harry Reid and company put out these signals for the Republicans. I think they are put out for people like me who are beyond angry at the Democrats’ inability to do anything about this.

Of course, such articles are never complete without a quote from Mitch McConnell, and this one was no different. The Minority Leader said, “We are fundamentally turning the Senate into the House. The minority’s out of business.” To which I say: who cares? Of course Mitch McConnell will complain about reducing minority rights in the Senate; he’s in the minority! But I guarantee you this: the moment he is in the majority, he will change his tune. And that is now and always will be the main issue. The Republicans have destroyed the filibuster system. And their response to that once it is used against them will be to abolish it. As it is, they almost did so in 2005 when the Democrats were actually filibustering less than the Republicans had in the previous years and half as much as the Republicans have been since.

I am fully prepared to forgive Harry Reid everything if the article is correct and he does something substantial in July. But there are two core problems. First: he probably won’t do squat. Second, if he does do something, it will be pathetically minor. It may even turn out to be another handshake agreement with Mitch McConnell. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on me…


The title of this article is in reference to The Life of Brian. “Big Nose” is “Harry Reid”:

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