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Edward KormanSometimes I am so proud of my culture. A good example was on display this morning in District Court. Judge Edward Korman came down hard on the Obama administration’s cowardly limitation of Plan B emergency birth control. The administration’s actions show that despite what Democrats like to think, Obama really is a lot more conservative than he claims to be. I can see this policy while he was facing re-election. It was still cowardly and cynical, but understandable. What’s going on now? The truth is we don’t know. Other than Obama claiming that he would have a problem with his own daughters having access to the drug, the administration has never given any rationale for requiring a photo ID to purchase it.

Judge Korman is no liberal. In fact, he’s a Republican. But apparently, he’s an old fashioned Republican—the kind that actual believes in things like the law and freedom. Because he is very angry and it doesn’t seem partisan. He has very good reasons for his anger.

He especially went after the administration for thinking that young women should have to present ID to get what all tests indicate is a safe drug. He said it was hypocritical to argue this when the administration also argues against voter ID laws. The administration then tried to argue that it is all a process: first they start with the ID law and gradually they would liberalize things. It said that this is how the public interest is best served. Korman interrupted, “Tell me about the public interest. Is there a public interest in unplanned pregnancies? Some of which end in abortions?”


But the truth of the matter is that the administration seems on autopilot with regards to this matter. It doesn’t seemed to have worked out why it is supporting its current policy. It’s all maddening. And what’s more, it lays bare just what a collection of political hacks this administration is. It sure ain’t hope and change. And in the case of this policy, it is exactly what the Bush administration was.

But it makes me happy to see the judicial branch of the government calling the executive to task on this matter. Forget all the bullshit about individual rights. That’s more propaganda than anything. If the government wants to shut you down or shut you up, it will. But this kind of antagonism between the branches of government is a good thing and the only thing that stops this country from completely going on tilt.

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