John FugelsangThis evening as my flu or whatever slowly fades away, I thought you could use a little cheering up. John Fugelsang and TV’s Frank Conniff created a little spoof on all the Benghazi hysteria in the right wing echo chamber. Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? You probably remember an attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi where four of our countrymen were killed. But you probably thought that was long over.

This morning, Jonathan Bernstein noted, this is big news on the right. “Even though no one has ever made clear exactly what terrible secret was the subject of the supposed cover-up; even though a succession of ‘revelations’ have all turned out to be nonsense (here’s one from just last week). Doesn’t matter; discredited accusations are just forgotten and new ones are substituted.” He’s been arguing for some time that this whole thing is making Republican politicians lazy because they can just go on right wing radio shows and archly say, “Benghazi!” And all the listeners murmur to themselves, “Oh, yes. I’ve heard about that. Obama! Cover up! Worse than Watergate! Worse than Iran-Contra! Worse than WMDs!” Of course, that isn’t saying much, because they don’t think Watergate, Iran-Contra, or WMDs were bad at all.

Now you know enough to enjoy Fugelsang and Conniff:

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