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Michael PalinOn this day back in 1813, Soren Kierkegaard was born. Then, exactly 5 years later, Karl Marx was born. I have much to say about both of these men, but I’m just not up for it. And especially, I’m not up for choosing which of them deserves to win the day, so I decided to give it to neither of them. You know when a person is important: they never referred to themselves by a single name but now we do. Also: Tammy Wynette was born in 1942. I didn’t even know she was dead. Apparently, she had a lot of health problems.

But the day belongs to Michael Palin who is 70 years old today. Here is a little bit of “Tomkinson’s Schooldays” from the series he did with Terry Jones, Ripping Yarns. The opening has a wonderful introduction to the story with Palin playing a grand and serious actor who cannot remember his lines. It is very funny and very Palin:

Happy birthday Michael Palin!


Now I’m going back to bed.

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