Small Business Will Love Obamacare

We Heart ObamacareThe mainstream media are only really interested in big (corporate) business. But it is always put forward as discussion of “small business.” There are a lot of definitions of “small business” so it isn’t hard for the media to call just about any company “small.” In fact, one of the more liberal-friendly definitions is: a company with fewer than 50 employees. That is a reasonably small company. But most companies that I’ve worked for had far fewer employees than that. And to my mind, the ultimate example of a small business is an owner-operated deli.

We have been told that these kinds of businesses hate Obamacare because it is going to cost them a bunch of money. But that’s just not true. In fact, these kinds of truly small businesses should be thrilled with Obamacare. It is quite simple. First, such businesses don’t have 50 employees so they are not required to provide healthcare. Second, their employees usually make something like minimum wage and are often not full time. So the employees will have their healthcare either mostly or fully funded by the federal government. This is equivalent to giving our deli employees a huge raise. And the deli owner gets happier and healthier employees.

Unfortunately, on the TV machine, we get our “small business” perspectives from Goldman Sacks and Walmart. In general, real small businesses are too busy and too poor to go around politicking. But most small business owners get their ideas about their best interests from these same TV frauds. However, the truth will out. And in a couple of years, most small business owner will wonder how they ever did without Obamacare.

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