Who Is Obama Playing To?

Obama and Boehner play footballI just had a thought. Remember that Pew poll that found that roughly half Americans blame Obama and half blame the Republicans for the flight delays caused by the Sequester? I discussed it earlier today, Democrats Own Sequester Air Traffic Exception. In that article, I argued that Obama should not take the poll as indicating that the right thing to do is to sign the repellent air traffic Sequester exception bill that is headed to his desk. If he signs it, it is all his; he can’t blame it on the Republicans.

Well, I was over at the Maddow Blog reading Steve Benen about how the Republicans are wrong to think they won the air traffic debate. But it got me thinking in a broad sense about the Pew poll. It shows that a great many people are not paying any attention at all. But it also shows that all of Obama’s contortions and bending over backwards to accommodate the Republicans bought him essentially nothing. (This is more evidence that I am right in thinking that Obama wants to cut entitlements, but let’s leave that for now.)

Who does Obama think he is impressing with all of this post-partisan nonsense? It isn’t effective in regards to policy. And we see clearly that it isn’t effective in regards to public opinion. So what audience is he playing to? Posterity? I often wonder if that isn’t the case. And that is perhaps even more misguided than any other audience. In the long run, historians will look back on this period of time and see it as a tragedy. I don’t think Obama will look that bad, but that will be despite his constant pitch to the center, not because of it.

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