Ted Cruz Zinger Fail

Marco Rubio - Ted CruzThis is really great.

Ted Cruz is one of the Republicans who have been running around whining about the Gang of Eight immigration bill. According to him it is 844 pages and no one could read it in the 5 days he’s had to read it (it was actually 6). Of course, reading the bill isn’t critical. People have staff and they can be provided with the important information. Needless to say, the complaint is just a delay tactic. This is SOP in Congress. Senators are rarely against something. It is usually more like, “I’d love to vote to outlaw child rape, I’m just concerned about [some pathetic, minor issue].” And note, if that issue is removed, the Senator will just find another reasons he would loved to vote for the bill but just can’t.

In the following clip, Cruz tries to trap Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. He asks her if she’s read the bill. Unfortunately for him, she has. So he has to talk about something else. It is wonderful to watch him because you can tell he’s pleased with himself for having come up with such a great zinger. Take a look:

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