Witches and Hippies

DragnetThis video parody of Dragnet is very funny with some clever computer effects. But what I think is most interesting about it is the original stuff that sadly very few people in a society can see at the time: how law enforcement is mostly just cultural bias, and in-group and out-group signifying. The original episode is all about the good people symbolized by the cops and the bad people symbolized by the hippies.

It is based on “The LSD Story” episode—which was ironically the first color episode of the show. This is interesting because at the end, the dealer dies of an LSD overdose. In fact, it is not clear that anyone has ever died from an LSD overdose. So much for the stories being true. But that is wholly beside the point. The episode is intended to portray the heroic police officers saving our youths from a life of sin and debauchery. In another time, the story could have been about the demons lurking in the woods waiting to have sex with our daughters and turn them into witches. It is exactly the same thing.

But forget my ranting. Check this video out. It’s a lot of fun, and as I said, funny:

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