Will You Still Need Me When I’m 116?

Jiroemon KimuraIt is another weak birthday list. But let’s get on with it. Founding father Roger Sherman was born on this day in 1721. Eliot Ness was born in 1903. Darrin number two on Bewitched, Dick Sargent, was born in 1930. Jayne Mansfield was born in 1933. And Dudley Moore was born in 1935.

Stanley Fish, who wrote How to Write a Sentence which I didn’t much like, is 75 today. Keyboardist Bernie Worrell is 69. Tim Curry is 67. And Ashley Judd is 45.

But the day belongs to a man just because he’s alive. Jiroemon Kimura is 116 today, which makes him the oldest living person and the oldest documented male ever. He lives with the two widows of his son and grandson. He says that small portions of food are key to a long life. But it is notable that 4 of his 5 siblings lived to be 90, one of them to 100. My main rule for a long life: be careful crossing the street. (I’m serious!)

Happy birthday Jiroemon Kimura!


Here is “Sloe Gin,” my favorite Tim Curry song, co-written and produced by the great Bob Ezrin with a nice guitar solo by Dick Wagner:

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