Happy 25th Convention Against Torture

Kade CrockfordIt is the 25th anniversary of Ronald Reagan signing the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Ah, the good ol’ days, when being against torture was bipartisan! Today, the problem is that one of our political parties is in favor of torture and the other, while not being for it, doesn’t think it is important enough to do anything about. Remember “Obama of the Looking Forward”? He’s still president. As I’ve discuss, that won’t do. Part of moving forward is administering justice about the past. And as long as we pretend that past wrong doing never occurred, it is destined to occur again.

Glenn Greenwald posted the excellent photo below from Kade Crockford of the Massachusetts ACLU. I love it. There definitely is the sense that the Obama administration is too busy fixing the world than to bother, you know, fixing the world. Regardless, it is important to remember the Convention Against Torture. This should be a day to celebrate it. Unfortunately, it is not. And it will not be until we look back at what we’ve done so we can authentically move forward.

Convention Against Torture
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