Waco 20 Years On

Waco FireAccording to The Atlantic, there has been an explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas. This seems pretty strange, because it is almost 20 years to the day of the end of the siege of the Branch Davidians’ compound in Waco, Texas that there would be an explosion in that area. That siege started on 28 February 1993. And it ended on 19 April 1993. On the other hand, if I were a reporter, I’d be hyper sensitive to anything happening around this time. You may remember that the Oklahoma City bombing took place on the second anniversary of the end of that siege.

But it is a fertilizer plant. And if we learned anything from the Oklahoma City bombing, it is that fertilizer is combustible. And this is a big explosion. According to the report, it was felt 100 miles away in Dallas. What’s more, there are reports of severely injured people—and maybe more.

So is it yet another confused person who thinks that human life is not as important as political ideology? I can’t say. Check back here for updates, because I do want to know. If it turns out to be nothing more than a coincidence, it will mean that God is cruel. Otherwise, it will mean that man is cruel.

I tend to think that both are.

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  1. I wonder if this explosion has something to do with the state that the fertilizer plant was located in. Granted, accidents happen, and that may be exactly what this is, but there is an important fact that I think a lot of people are overlooking: OSHA hadn’t inspected the plant in something like 28 years.

    Now, I’m not blaming the anti-regulation Right, but do you think that it might at least have something to do with this? As you know, Texas is a highly conservative, Republican controlled state. Maybe better regulation would have prevented such an accident. I think it is at least worth discussing.

    By the way, good point about the siege in Waco occurring on the same day, relatively close by. I was thinking about exactly the same thing today.

  2. @Mack – Yeah, now it does look like an accident. I will probably write an article tomorrow comparing our reactions to the Boston bombing with this. This explosion cost far more life and limb, and yet, I doubt it will cause any law changes. Meanwhile, police will start searching our backpacks as we walk down the street. Because, you know: we must stop terrorism but nothing can ever get in the way of corporate profits. Even if the corporations are themselves the worst terrorists.

  3. Speaking of police searches of backpacks, did you see [i]All In[/i] tonight, specifically the discussion he had with Susan Crawford and the retired police detective about privacy versus safety (video monitoring)?

    The cop was obviously in favor of video surveillance, but while he said in regard to cameras in public places "I’d rather have ’em than not have ’em," I thought about how police expect privacy when it comes to being video taped, especially at political demonstrations. They seem to be very sensitive to being video taped by the average citizen, but when it comes to us being monitored by them, you can’t have enough cameras.

  4. @Mack — Terrific point. And, no, we can’t pick out any specific industrial accident and say "Republicans are responsible." We can, however, observe that those accidents happen more often when regulatory/supervisory agencies are gutted and prevented from doing their jobs. That may not be the cause of this accident but on average it will cause an increase in this kind of disaster.

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