Patrick Dollard Doesn’t Remember 9/11

Patrick DollardBlue Texan over at Crooks & Liars brought my attention to the following stupid right-wing tweet. There are stupid right-wing tweets everyday; it is a regular feature on Crooks & Liars. But this one really deserves attention because it highlights something that most conservatives think but that is completely wrong.

But before we get to it, just look at that picture: see him in his camouflage? As far as I can tell, he’s another chicken hawk. Loves to pretend to be soldier, but not enough to actually join.

There are a lot of details here and I’m going to ignore them everything but the elephant in the room: George Bush kept us safe for 8 years accept for that one day when almost 3,000 Americans died from a terrorist attack.

Look: I don’t actually blame Bush for 9/11. The president isn’t God. Bad things happen all the time and I don’t think it is right to blame the president. But the idea that Bush kept us safe for 8 years but Obama has not kept us safe is just ridiculous. Do people like Patrick Dollard have any idea what they are talking about? Are the almost 3,000 dead on 9/11 negligible compared to the 3 that died yesterday?

It seems to me that such people just remove the 9/11 attack from consideration. “Oh, I’m talking about after 9/11!” Well, apart from that being pretty convenient (“Hitler didn’t kill any Jews! I’m referring to after the Final Solution was completed, of course!”), this is not what Patrick Dollard said. He didn’t say that Bush kept us safe for seven years; he said eight years—probably because in some kind of twisted conservative anti-mind trick, 9/11 wasn’t Bush’s fault, even though everything is Obama’s fault.

Man, this kind of shit really makes me mad.

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