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There’s a little bit of a work slowdown here at Frankly Curious. There are a couple of reasons for this. Primarily, I have been having the worst time sleeping, and even though that means I’m awake a lot, I don’t feel much like writing. Also, I am doing taxes. I think the worst of that is over. So if I can manage to get a decent night’s sleep tonight, I might write quite a lot tomorrow. As it is, I’ve seen a number of films recently—in particular: Identity Thief and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. One of those is excellent; I’ll let you guess which. And of course, there is lots of politics, including the very interesting story of Timothy McKinney who is on death row in Memphis and almost certainly innocent. I also have something to say about plagiarism, Stephen Glass, and Charles Manson.

So forgive my absence but hurry back soon because, as always, there’s lots going on in my scattered brain.

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  1. Sleep deprivation can enable all kinds of other illnesses. I’m not generally big on media-hyped medical findings, (are eggs good for us us bad for us now?) but this one makes sense. We’re not wired to function on four hours a night, our immune systems go down if we don’t get at least 6/7/8.

    I remember when St. Paul was ripping up and replacing sewer lines across the street. It was the Summer Of Pain. I sleep like a baby through airplane noise and traffic, but those jackhammers were intolerable. Friends told me I was over-reacting; now they’ve been deranged by awful obligations requiring phone calls at 6AM. Their faces are falling apart, they get sick all the time.

    Eggs may be good or bad now, but sleep is essential.

  2. Now, thanks to you and my concern for your well being, MY sleep has been disturbed as well. You featured a lengthy and disturbing anxiety dream last night. For both our sakes I hope you’re able to sleep better soon!

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