The Need for Maslow

Abraham MaslowSergei Rachmaninoff was born on this day back in 1873. Actors Lon Chaney Sr, Laurette Taylor, and Wallace Beery were born in consecutive years 1883 to 1885. And the insanely great D. Boon was born in 1958.

Debbie Reynolds is 81 today. Ali MacGraw is 74, which is surprising, because I thought she died back in 1970. (Get it?!) Jimmy Cliff is 65, so he won’t be performing anymore. The great Gil Scott-Heron is 64. Sexist and overall pathetic excuses for a jurist, Samuel Alito is only 63 today. Director and CP-16 enthusiast Barry Sonnenfeld is 60. Susan Boyle is 52. And Rachel Maddow is 40 today.

The day, however, belongs to the great psychologist Abraham Maslow who was born back in 1908. Like all great scientists, Maslow’s ideas were simple. His most famous contribution was the “needs hierarchy.” It showed that, for example, Rachmaninoff would not have written beautiful music if he had been starving. Unfortunately, as a society, we seem to have not learned this lesson. It seems I spent the whole of last year listening to Mitt Romney talk about how he was in favor of “equality of opportunity.” By that he meant that everyone had the opportunity to go to extremely unequal schools given extremely unequal home lives. You know, just like in 1984: unequal = equal.

Happy birthday Dr. Maslow! You made as all smarter. And you have a very charming smile!


I came very close to giving the day to D. Boon, so here’s a little Minutemen:

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