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Up with Chris HayesAs I’ve reported, Chris Hayes is leaving his show that will become Up with Steve Kornacki. Below is his farewell address to the Up viewers. It is well done. He even goes out of his way to highlight all of his staff, which he is correct to note that the show simply would not exist without them. But hey, Chris Hayes is quite open about the fact that he is an egalitarian. It ends with a long fade out during which he hugs most of the crew. Below the clip is a list of articles I’ve written about the show over the last year and a half.

I am pleased that I was wrong about one thing. I thought I saw the show on a conservative trend. I wrote at the time in Up with Chris Hayes Goes Down, “But I fear that is just a matter of time. Up with Chris Hayes in 2014 might well have a panel of Charles Krauthammer, George Will, David Brooks, and Leslie Sanchez. Sanchez is the liberal.” Of course, we never made it to 2014, but I think everything was well under control with Mr. Hayes. I look forward to what his new show brings and what Kornacki does with Up.

I did not know that I had written so much about Up. In the following list, I’ve included articles in which the show was an important part of the story I was telling, not just stories about the show. Just the same, I’ve left out a number of articles where the show was just mentioned. I’m shocked there are so many articles:

  1. Up with Chris Hayes (21/11/12)
  2. Up with Chris Hayes Goes Down (11/12/11)
  3. Post-Truth Politics (24/06/12)
  4. Chris Hayes’ Pen (14/07/12)
  5. My Boy Chris Hayes (18/08/12)
  6. We’re Not Screwing You (19/08/12)
  7. Sam Seder Ups Reputation (16/09/12)
  8. Avik Roy: Charlatan (06/10/12)
  9. Political Harassment in the Workplace (15/10/12)[1]
  10. Sunday Politics Shows Designed to Suck (16/10/12)
  11. Defense Spending Projection (21/10/12)
  12. Poor Minorities Must Wait to Vote (10/11/12)
  13. Jerry Nadler Pushes Tired Gaza Narrative (17/11/12)
  14. Filibuster Reform (02/12/12)
  15. Smart Ignorant Conservative (02/12/12)
  16. Avik Roy is Trying to Kill Me! (09/12/12)
  17. Conservative Answers for Shootings (15/12/12)
  18. Christian Nationalism and School Shootings (22/12/12)
  19. Tea Party Idiot (30/12/12)
  20. Aaron Swartz (13/01/13)
  21. Banking Crises Soaring (10/02/13)
  22. Avik Roy: Healthcare Apologist (23/02/13)
  23. Repeal Sequestration (25/02/13)
  24. Speculations on MSNBC Shake Up (15/03/13)
  25. Naive Democrats Make it Easy for Republicans (18/03/13)
  26. Farewell Gay Liberals (25/03/13)

[1] I am very proud of this article. It never got much traction, but I’m the only one I know of who pushes this idea. What I’ve suggested that we can treat political coercion on the job the same way we treat to sexual harassment. This is a simple and well thought out approach.

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