Letter to Barbara Boxer

Barbara BoxerDear Senator Boxer:

I am a big supporter of yours. However, it has been hinted that you are one of the senators who blocked filibuster reform. I’ve written to you about this before: at minimum, we need serious filibuster reform.

I’m not a one issue voter. Anyway, you would have to lose half your mind and three-quarters of your soul to be as bad Carly Fiorina would have been. But this is very important to me. I’m still smarting over what happened in 2009.[1]

I want to know your position on filibuster reform. What do you support and what do you not? Are you for the elimination of the filibuster? And if you are not, do you believe that the Republicans will not eliminate it once they are in power.

Otherwise, continue to make us proud and grateful that you aren’t Dianne Feinstein. (Not that she’s at all worse than Elizabeth Emken!)

Frank Moraes


It is easy to write your representatives and so effective. Or if you prefer, you can call them. This is a great way to have a big influence on politics. I’m all for voting, but contacting politicians on specific issues is really powerful. Make a habit of it!

[1] What happened is that we had a 78 seat advantage in the House (59%) and up to a 10 seat advantage in the Senate (60%) and control of the White House. Nonetheless, we got very little progressive legislation because of the Republican use of the filibuster in the Senate. We will have to go through another Republican caused catastrophe before we again have those kinds of numbers in Washington. What’s it going to take to get anything good done? 65 Democrats in the Senate (a few extra to make up for the “blue dog” Democrats)?

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