My Hero Phil Davison

Oh My God!This is a blast from the past. I just came upon it. Two and a half years ago, Phil Davison spoke to the Stark County (Ohio) Republican Party Executive Committee. He wanted to be the Republican nominee for Stark Country Treasurer. When I first wrote about this, I did not embed the video for whatever reason. But here goes. This is only five minutes and I really hope that you will watch it. It is amazing to behold.

Here was my reaction at the time:

So Phil: if we are ever in the same town, I would definitely like to take you out for a beer. To be honest, you could use it! This may be the opportunity you are waiting for! Forget that treasurer business. Forget about infestation. I’m talking about the opportunity to drink beer with me in a well fumigated bar where we can watch football—not touch-football—winner take all, football! Let me repeat that so there is no miscommunication: if we are ever in the same town, I would definitely like to take you out for a beer and watch non-touch football in a well-fumigated bar! In all honesty, I think it would be fun. Because, like it or not: you are a nut. (And I mean that in the best way!)

Thank you very much!

Phil Davison was not given the nomination.


Here is the Volkswagen commercial that used Davison and other internet spazzes with Jimmy Cliff doing a really great version of the Partridge Family’s “Come On Get Happy!”

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2 thoughts on “My Hero Phil Davison

  1. Oh, McJesus. That was fabulous. He does come across as rather charmingly insecure. Like he practiced and practiced his emotional ramping up for the speech, but when it came time to deliver it wasn’t quite sure of himself, so he kept having to go back and stare at his comforting notes on the podium. I hope he wasn’t too mocked on the Internet (though he probably was.) Probably the guy had a major beef with something that happened which really pissed him off and was omitted from the viral video.

    Every time he shouts and his voice cracks, he sounds just to me like cartoon voice actor Patrick Warburton. I can’t think of a good Warburton clip to link to, but trust me — he’s a very familiar voice actor to people who watch adult cartoons, and his specialty is hyper-macho guys whose voices crack when they lose it.

    Your "well-fumigated bar" where the two of you can watch football sounds like you’re gently inviting Davison to a calming retreat on the Lithium Island.

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