Republican’s Primary Constituency

Nothing Can Be DoneBernie Sanders offered up the following amendment to the new Senate budget: “This amendment would establish a deficit reduction reserve fund that would seek to ensure that large profitable corporations cannot use loopholes to entirely avoid income tax, and direct savings recovered from closing such loopholes to deficit reduction.”

This is to stop companies that make billions each year from managing to pay nothing in taxes. You know: companies like Exxon. But luckily for companies like Exxon, they have a whole political party looking out for their interests. Not a single Republican on the Budget Committee voted for this amendment. You know what they say: every Exxon penny is sacred; every Exxon penny is great; if an Exxon penny is taxed; God gets quite irate!

I keep being asked (Even by conservatives!) why the Republicans are doing this. “Surely they aren’t trying to assure that Exxon pays less in taxes than any worker anywhere in the country!” I don’t have a good answer. In general, I think it is as simple as this: the Republicans are just protecting their most important constituency. They protect their second most important constituency (religious fundamentalists) by appointing 12th century judges to the bench. This is one reason that Republicans in Congress are at sixes and sevens whenever there is a Democrat in the White House: half of their constituency goes un-served and thus they must be hyper-protective of their primary constituency.

Anyway, if you have any questions about Republican desire to compromise, you have it in this vote. Even small amounts of money taken from Exxon to go directly to deficit reduction is unacceptable.

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