Collecting Pee for Fun and Profit

Kirk CousinsToday, The Post Game reported, Bizarre Location For NFLer’s Drug Test. It tells the story of Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins being drug tested during a visit to his grandmother. The article expresses some surprise at such behavior from the league, but is still supportive of it.

I’m not. I couldn’t give half a “fuck you” about the NFL. But I do care about worker rights. This kind of thing is pure bullshit. The NFL has much bigger problems than its players using steroids.

In general, I don’t understand the big deal about steroid use. As a society, we have decided that our sports are going to require people who are very tall, heavy, and fast. What’s more, we’ve elevated these freakish pituitary cases to the status of hero. Is it any wonder that many of those with normal bodies would try to compensate with drugs?

Our concern should be for the high school and college kids that get caught up in this madness: both the hero worship and the steroid use. I don’t care what the professionals do. But even for those that do think it is important to keep steroids out of professional sports: do you really think that an employer has the right to invade an employee’s privacy when they are at home, much less when they are visiting a grandparent?

Bqhatevwr! But mark my words: future generations will look back at the late 20th century American obsession with watching people urinate and think there was something fundamentally wrong with our society. But test on! Soon testing urine for drugs may be our only profitable industry.

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