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Barbara BuonoI’ve been none too happy with Chris Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey. The truth is that he’s been an awful governor. I can’t believe that the residents of the state have forgotten all about his crony capitalism and grandstanding against the president (Remember the tunnel he killed?!) and are just focusing on how he acted like any other governor during a catastrophe. But I’ve been hoping that it is all temporary—that in an actual campaign, his positives would be moved downward as people were reminded of the kind of governor he’s generally been.

My prayers have been answered to a small extent in Barbara Buono. She is the Democrat who is running against Christie in 2013. She seems like a very seasoned politician for a state legislator. (She makes Rubio look like the child he is!) I feel pretty certain that she will at least run a decent race. And who knows, maybe she can get the state of New Jersey to see that a couple of months of walking in the rain doesn’t make up for three years of bellicose incompetence. Plus: Christie could have a heart attack.

Here is Buono on The Last Word:

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