CanoodleI’m a pretty clueless guy in a lot of ways. So when I saw the following CTV News blooper, I immediately felt a kinship with the poor news anchorman. He was talking to the weather woman and mentioned that they might “canoodle” before she presented her forecast. She was shocked, “We’re not going to be canoodling… What?!”

Meanwhile, a producer off screen is yelling something along the lines of, “Canoodling means to make out, you dolt!” So the anchor smiles (he has a very nice smile) and says, “Oh, I thought canoodle meant ‘chat.'” By this time, the weather woman is laughing uncontrollably. But the unflappable anchor continues on, “Astor, you lucky there’s a producer in my ear or I would have carried that on and on.”

Maybe it is because I had never heard the word “canoodle” before either. Or maybe it is because the word has such a sweet meaning, “To kiss and cuddle amorously.” But I think the whole thing is charming as hell.

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