Deer Can’t Read!

Deer CrossingI often wonder why people have such a low opinion of bloggers. In my experience, there are a lot of good bloggers out there. It is downright scary just how talented a lot of people are. And then there are the bloggers who never really try. It is surprising how many blogs have one post. But mostly, people do it for a few months and then stop. But that’s like anything: a lot of people buy guitars that just sit in their closets. Why do people think bloggers are idiots?

Ladies and gentlemen: Kathleen O’Brien Wilhelm! I discovered her this morning from Jonathan Chait, a man who knows comedy when he sees it, even if it is unintended. Wilhelm is kind of a Tea Party idiot, but not as smart. She blogs over at the Avon-Avon Lake Patch. And man does she care about wasteful spending! For example, last week she had an idea for how the government can save money by not posting signs for animals, Animals Can’t Talk:

Signs that read “Deer Crossing” and the like are going to continue to pop up throughout our country including Avon Lake, but who are these signs for? Deer cannot read, do not obey the law and probably will cross where they wish. Although adorable companions, it is hard to remember the last time that the news reported an animal talking, thinking or providing significant input for the benefit of society. Yet, these signs cost taxpayers like so much of government.

As Chait notes, “What else could the signs be for, if not for the animals themselves?” I wonder! Isn’t it just like the stupid government to go posting signs for animals? I mean, I know it’s in picture form, but really! I mean, it doesn’t even make sense. Deer near another part of the road won’t even see those signs! I can see maybe putting up “no deer crossing” signs so the deer would know that the government (Which wants to limit the liberty of deer!) doesn’t want them to cross there. But what’s the point of telling deer, “Here is where we want you to cross?” This is madness!

Wilhelm ends her article in such a way that you can’t think she’s just kidding: “Yes, signs are important—to humans; ‘Stop’ signs, and others are more than just costly decorations scattered along the roadways. However, depending on the school district, most humans can read them, but animals not so much.” Oh, how charming! Depending on the school district! Get it? Because our schools are so bad, people can’t read the word stop. And animals can’t read at all. But she’s very clever there with that, “Not so much”!

You may be asking yourself, “Sure, she’s an idiot and that often does mean she’s a conservative. But how do you know?” Well, in the text I’ve quoted, I think it is pretty clear. There’s the assumption that the government just wastes money on stuff. (Interestingly: she looks old enough to be on Social Security, which I bet she doesn’t think is wasteful.) Regardless of that, she has written a lot of other things. Consider this golden oldie from right before last year’s election, Obama’s Going to Take Your Stuff!

Obama’s going to take your house, your car and anything you might have more of than the other guy or gal. Sad. Very sad, too, that 23 million Americans are without a job. They probably don’t have any stuff and are just praying for a place to sleep and eat. Infuriating, too, that under Obama for the first time in 100 years America’s credit rating has been downgraded. How did this happen? Obama promised “If I don’t fix the economy in three years, then I’ll be a one-term president.” Instead Obama’s promises focused on Obamacare with its taxes, death panels, abortions and doctors answering to government rather than patients. Obama dolled out—free cell phones, lots of entitlements, lies, and added his handpicked czars free from America’s Constitution ensuring no one branch of government becomes too powerful.

Yes my friends, Kathleen O’Brien Wilhelm is one of those people. She’s dangerous. You may have thought that Joe Scarborough was ignorant. But there are legions of people like Wilhelm out there who are willfully ignorant, believing in things that are patently false. (Death panels! Czars! Free cell phones!) And I’ll bet she has a lot of people who hang on her every word—people who right now are writing letters complaining about those wasteful deer crossing signs because, damn it, deer can’t read!

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