Bitching About Snickers Satisfies

My sister directed me to this Liberals4America Facebook page: While you were busy bitching about a guy who bought a Snickers with food stamps, this was happening to your tax dollars!


What I find most disturbing about this is the guy bitching about the “abuse” of food stamps. In many cases, he’s a liberal, or at least liberal-leaning. But he’s the kind of guy that Republicans can get to vote for them. All they need is a candidate who says the magic words in the magic way—someone like Ronald Reagan or Marco Rubio. And this is the real problem that we face.

If we all stick together, we can do something about the most profitable company in the world not paying any taxes. But we can’t do a thing if conservatives manage to set us against each other. Sure, there are poor people who take advantage of the system. But they represent nothing compared to the rich people who take advantage of the system. That’s what we have to remember.

And there’s something else. Why do people think it is wrong to buy a Snickers with food stamps? We all enjoy junk food from time to time. Why is it that we expect the poor to lead ascetic lives? Isn’t there something wrong with all of us who want to punish people for the crime of being poor? Isn’t this just another example of assuming that poverty is the result of moral inadequacy? Shouldn’t the example of just about every rich person throughout history prove to us that this isn’t that case?

Let he who is without sin start the bitching!


That tax refund of $156 million? That’s $5 per second. A common variation of this quotation is that in the time you were bitching, Exxon pocketed $9,000 of your taxes. That would be equivalent to a half hour of bitching. I wouldn’t doubt that the quote came from an annoyed liberal who had to listen to a friend complain for a half hour about this. I know people who will go on and on about this kind of thing. Kind of like complaining about a hangnail after your arm was just ripped off.

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  1. So it was pretty accurate. I’m glad you wrote something about the quote. It seems to summarize pretty completely how misguided so many are and how effective propaganda is.

  2. So true. In my own state (MA) rules were recently changed so that people cannot buy tobacco or alcohol with their welfare benefits. (in case you didn’t know welfare benefits be they cash or "food stamps" are put on a card to be used electronically like an atm card). The food stamps part can only be used on food but the cash can be spent on anything. So now the cards cannot be used to buy alcohol or tobacco directly, but get this, it doesn’t matter since the cards can be used at any atm to take out cash. So instead of buying tobacco or alcohol directly the welfare recipient has to use an atm, paying an outrageous fee ($2-4, which can be up to 20% if you’re only taking out a 20 spot). So the bankers get richer through atm fees, poor people get nickel and dimed a bit more, and politicians look good by demagoguing the vices of poor people. A win-win-win, except of course for the poor person, who seems to be losing more and more these days.

  3. @Morwalk – Yeah. I don’t know how old the quote is, but given the focus of the image on 2009, it is possible it dates back there. It is interesting that using that number breaks down to [i]exactly[/i] 30 minutes.

  4. @Andy – Of course, it is also a loss for the taxpayer: it is more corporate welfare. And note: the money spent on alcohol gets put directly back into the economy. As it is, 4 of the top 20 companies were banks. They don’t know where to put all their money. So that $3 siphoned off doesn’t work very well for stimulus.

    Of course, even when it comes to junk food, a lot of people have tried to disallow it with food stamps. The problem is that junk food isn’t exactly a well defined thing. Is pizza junk food? How about a steak? I know vegans who have a problem with their hard earned tax dollars going to purchase eggs! (Not really.)

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