Charlie to the Rescue!

Charlie SheenI don’t think that someone who goes on a killing spree is necessarily crazy. At least, I don’t think they are crazy as we normally define it. After all, we don’t call CEOs who destroy the lives of thousands of people crazy. They’re just evil. And so too are people who go around killing others. As a result, I have come to no particular conclusions about Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who has apparently killed three people thus far. The man is clearly evil. If his beef is with the LAPD, why isn’t he killing them instead of bystanders? Anyway, bottom line: crazy? I needed more information.

I got that information this morning. Charlie Sheen provided a video to TMZ over the weekend. In it, he appeals to Dorner to call him, “Let’s figure out together how to end this thing.” I know that Sheen has a bad (and much deserved) reputation as a crazy guy. But you have to admit that he has a good heart. This, after all, is the guy who turned the police onto the producers of Flower of Flesh and Blood because he thought it depicted an actual on-screen murder. And now, he is trying to help out in this Dorner tragedy. I absolutely don’t believe that Sheen is doing this for publicity. He really cares and it is adorable.

You may ask, “Why is Charlie Sheen getting involved in this?” Because in his Facebook manifesto, Dorner wrote, “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome.” And so now we know: Christopher Dorner is also crazy. Only crazy people think Charlie Sheen is awesome. Even when he’s “Winning!” Sheen is at best interesting in a clinical sense.

But you have to ask: where is Ellen Degeneres?! Where is Larry David?! Where are any of the other celebrities that Dorner praised. Not a peep from them! Only Charlie Sheen cares enough to look silly for our sins. Maybe he really is the second coming of the Chris. If so, that would be effin awesome!

Update (12 Februrary 2013 11:15 am)

The Young Turks discusses the issue. I agree with Cenk. I think Anna is wrong:

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