Stay on Target!

Exactly which demographic is Target attempting to target with this ad?

The provocative soundtrack alone is confusing: does the singer want to see what the girl or the piñata “has got”?

I could only watch in wonder as the pretty young woman, blindfolded and wielding a wand, brings out her best sexy Jedi-in-the-basement moves as she attempts to make contact with the hangy-thing. What will spill out when and if she ever breaks it open? Condoms? Jello shots? Feminine hygiene products? None of the above! In an M. Night Shyamalan twist, it’s fruit snacks for children. The look of sheer joy and surprise on the the girl’s face is bound to get her a lot more work. That was some fine acting.

The commercial is saved from complete surreal stupidity when the breathy voice explains that fruit snacks aren’t just for children; they’re for anyone above the choking hazard age. And they’re colorful against a white background. Brilliant. Now I really want a piñata. I don’t think I’ll go to Target though. That place is nuts.

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