Forget the Kids. Are Your Guns Safe?

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Hammers. Knives. Cars. Rope. Poison. All of those things, in the hands of a crazy person, can certainly kill people. Twenty small children in a matter of seconds? No. But an automatic weapon in the hands of a crazy person, most definitely.

Basically you just need to calm the fuck down. Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Fox News, and your own paranoid delusions are not benchmarks of reality. You know the government has drones right? They don’t need to take your guns, they can just blow up your whole goddamn house. If you want to keep your outrageous weapons for your “protection” then keep them locked up. Unless you’re a crazy person with a key to the gun safe, then don’t have guns in your house. Or at the very least, stop breeding. You never know when your child might find your protection is his funeral.

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