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David BrooksBroadly speaking, there are two kinds of conservative pundits. First there is the bloviator that we all know from right wing radio. Rush Limbaugh is the best example of this. In fact, if you do a Google search on “bloviator,” Google offers, “Searches related to bloviator: Rush Limbaugh.” Seriously. The second is the Very Serious Pundit. Two people come to mind here: George Will and David Brooks. These guys seem very smart because they talk nice and for a conservative, that’s saying something.

But if you pay attention to what they actually say, rather than how they say it, you will find that—just like Deep Throat said—these are not very smart guys. Affirmative Action for conservatives! If they were liberals, I’m not sure they would even have been able to write professionally. But they have no lack of pretentiousness. In fact, that’s their brand.

David Brooks has been in the news recently, because he is teaching a course in humility at Yale. That’s right: a course in humility at Yale taught by David Brooks! If you made this shit up, you’d have to be a modern day Jonathan Swift. I don’t know what is more absurd: selling the children of the poor as a food source or creating a course on humility at Yale taught by David Brooks. Let’s call it toss up.

Luckily for us, Scott over at Backslash Scott is a student at Yale. And he attended the first day of David Brooks’ humility course. You know this is gonna be good, don’t you?!

He didn’t write too much. But he did provide some of the highlights:

[H]e was explaining office hours (which are Monday nights at either a cafe or a bar) and said that meeting with students individually was exciting “certainly for them but also for me.”

After reading 10 definitions of humility, Brooks literally said “God had Ten Commandments, so I figured I’d stop there.”

I learned that Brooks has met Obama, Bush, Clinton, Biden, and McCain. On day one of a class on humility.

Hopefully Scott will file more stories from David Brooks’ war on humility. At Yale!

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