Mingle With This?!

[Update: see my article Creepy Christian Mingle Girl Not So Creepy. It turns out that this model is actually a reasonably attractive young woman. I still don’t understand why the company went with that image. The best looking people in the world look creepy if you photograph them wrong. I thought that professional advertisers understood that. -FM]

Christian Mingle AdThis image is from a major ad campaign for the Christian dating service Christian Mingle. That’s great. I actually think that religious compatibility is important, although it can be a problem with raising children. (I don’t think that children should be forced into a religion when they are too young to know what is going on.) But this ad? Really?!

I’m usually very open minded about attractiveness. In general, I think all young people look attractive. But this woman? She looks like she is either the unfortunate victim of an evil plastic surgeon or the resident of a galaxy far far away. She also has so much make-up on, I’m sure anyone who kissed her would choke on the dust.

Speaking of creepy Christians, have you seen the Tim Tebow TiVo commercials? There is one where the kids talk about how their mother gets all hot and bothered regarding Tebow. What’s more, their father is jealous. Is that really in keeping with Christianity? I mean, you know: the tenth commandment and all? Don’t covet your neighbors pig or ass or abs?

The truth is that when Christians enters the marketplace, they tend to make a mess of it. Either because they think creepy blond girls are attractive or because they show that their religion doesn’t mean much to them. Regardless, I hope they pair up and don’t procreate.

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6 thoughts on “Mingle With This?!

  1. No need to suffer the indignity of typical church service meat markets, volunteering at local soup kitchens with the hope of converting your soulmate, or waiting for the youth leader to hit on you. Take charge of God’s will for you! With His massive online database, even prayer has become obsolete.

  2. On a serious note… Don’t pick on the woman’s appearance. She’s only a pawn of yet another ugly industry preying on the lonely and desperate.

  3. Exactly! In private, after being goaded. Publicly, I only pick on people who deserve it. Or people who will never know that I think they look as though a pissed off angel savagely beat with the ugly stick before they were born.

  4. If you truly are a Christian, you will understand that the inside is what matters. What good is a person who is beautiful outside but evil inside? I wouldn’t want anyone like that. That girl must have something to compensate for her looks.

  5. @Elizabeth – Yes, but one doesn’t pick a model for the ad of a dating service based on what is inside. They could have used some old pictures of Mother Teresa otherwise. But as I explained in the update at the top of the article, she is actually a pretty young woman. They simply picked a picture that made her look bad.

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