Nutjob Alex Jones Wants to Deport Piers Morgan

Okay. This is interesting. Alex Jones started a petition to “deport Piers Morgan.” This is because Morgan has spoken about banning some guns. So Morgan invited Jones onto his show. The results are below:

So Alex Jones is insane and should certainly not be allowed ever to have a gun. But the bigger problem is that Alex Jones has a radio show. You can tell what his show is like. There is no thought. He just has a perpetual rage-on. And I have no doubt that the (mostly) men who listen get very worked up. It is very bad for society.

Here is the second part of the interview. Jones finally answers some questions. But not about guns. About his belief that 9/11 was an inside job. It is amazing stuff:


For the record, I am all for deporting Piers Morgan. I just don’t think his stance on guns is cause. American Idol is, though.

Update (8 January 2013 9:01 am)

Alexandra Petri writes in the Washington Post:

I was all for deporting Piers Morgan, if only to pump excitement into the post-cliff news cycle. But after reading the piteous pleas of numerous Brits who had just put in so much effort to get rid of him, it seemed cruel.
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0 thoughts on “Nutjob Alex Jones Wants to Deport Piers Morgan

  1. Fun post. But I don’t think you mean American Idol. You mean America’s Got Talent. And I’m pretty sure he isn’t on that show anymore. :)

    He’s an awful interviewer, though. He makes Larry King looks like a genius! :)

  2. @MadKane – You are correct! I forgot: only one pretentious English twat per reality show. But the interview kind of sums up the stereotypes of the two countries. I want to move to France!

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