State Department Mocks Fox News’ Clinton Reporting

Hillary ClintonI like this discussion of Hillary Clinton on The Young Turks, because it goes along with my thinking. As I wrote back at the end of last year in response to Jonathan Chait’s claim that liberals would have done the same thing to a conservative in Hillary Clinton’s place, “I would have thought the Republican was lying. Similarly, I thought Clinton was lying. I pretty much always assume that people are lying when it is an excuse for doing something unpleasant. But Chait is not asking the right question.”

The question was whether major liberal news agencies would have reported such unfounded speculation about a Republican Secretary of State. I firmly believe that not only would there have been none of that; there would have been little of it in the liberal blogosphere. As Cenk Uygur says in the video, “To be fair, I was a little skeptical about her excuse. I didn’t go on air and mock her because maybe she actually had a concussion.”

The truth is that most liberals—especially in the blogosphere—love taking down their own. But this is something completely different. And even after Clinton came out of the hospital, Fox News was still questioning her. In a normal world, this would be unbelievable.

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