Eric Cantor as Iago

Eric CantorThis is interesting for two reasons. One is that there are “serious” rumors that John Boehner is going to step down as Speaker of the House. Boehner claims that this is not the case. I would love to see it, as I wrote earlier today. For one thing: it would be good for Boehner. It might turn him into into an actual human being.

What is more interesting is that Martin Bashir said, “House majority leader in typical honest Iago fashion voted against the speaker’s deal with the President.” Fuck yeah! We need more Shakespeare references on cable TV. First, here is the unimportant part from The Martin Bashir Show:

But here is the much more important clip from Orson Welles’ version of Othello with the great Irish actor Micheál MacLiammóir as Iago:

The truth is that Othello really should have been named Iago. Othello is a pretty boring character, but Iago is wonderfully evil! Just like Eric Cantor…

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