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DogbertI remember reading an introduction to a Calvin and Hobbes collection. It was by Charles Schulz, and he was arguing that what really mattered in a comic was that it was funny to look at. At that time, I disagreed. Actually, I didn’t really even understand. But since then, I have definitely learned. The primary reason I like Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County is because of how they look.

As a result, I’ve never been that fond of Dilbert, even though it is very well written. In fact, it is only because it is so well written that it transcends the artwork. Scott Adams is a very funny and insightful guy. And he was in fine form today.

Dogbert is a great character. He is your typical Bugs Bunny archetype. Things always work out well for him. He flies by the seat of his pants and that works. But in the process, he highlights of the absurdity of the world with his anarchism:

Dilbert 30 December 2012

It is perhaps a little late to be discussing the “I did build that!” crowd, but they are still around. I do disagree with one part of this: he didn’t work nearly as hard as his gardener. Whenever I hear business owners talk about how hard they work, it reminds me of professional musicians complaining about all their hard work. I’m not saying that their work isn’t hard. But there is a big difference between doing work you hate for little money and doing work you love for lots of money. So I wish these people would just shut up.

I might note that I work very hard at my writing. I sit in front of a computer screen about 12 hours per day. I’ve started to gain weight because of my lack of exercise. Boo fucking hoo!

But I did write this.

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