Samsung Out Doing Apple

Apple SucksThe video below is amazing. It is also not true. It is a “render,” which I take to mean it is speculation or “pretend.” Clearly, it has something to do with a brick render or surface. What it shows is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that is about 1/8 inch thick with a docking station that provides a laser keyboard. I’m sure that we will soon get just that—on all phones. Of course, being the Luddite that I am, I will have to wait about ten years after that. But even I find the idea exciting.

But what is most interesting is how Samsung is kicking Apple’s butt. And this no doubt is why Apple, like a good rentier, is running around trying to stop competition through the courts with their long used strategy of look-and-feel lawsuits. You know, the kind of lawsuits that are only upheld in the United States where money and power always trump justice. Still, I am enough of an optimist to think that in the end truth will out. If Apple wants to succeed into the future, they need to offer something more than a lesser Galaxy in white.

And frankly, that’s about all they currently offer.

The Apple lifestyle will only save them for long.

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