Obama Buys a Guitar

Obama Question MarkI was talking to the president. It seems that Malia wants to learn to play guitar. I offered to sell him my American Stratocaster. He asked me how much I wanted for it. It’s worth about a thousand dollars, but I didn’t want to tell him that. “Make me an offer,” I said. He looked it over carefully and then said, “How about $2000?”

That was a great deal. Just the same, it was his opening offer. I frowned. “I had really hoped to get more,” I said.

“I understand,” he responded. “How about $5000?”

This was a deal that was hard to pass up. But I had a thought. I own a Mexican Stratocaster that I’ve never really liked. It cost me $300. “You know, Mr. President,” I said. “I don’t think I want to sell that American Stratocaster. But I have this Mexican model that I could let you have if you’d be willing to go up to $7000.”

“Sold!” he replied eagerly.

And the leader of the free world gleefully left $7000 lighter with a guitar he could have picked up at a pawn show for $100. It was a good thing we weren’t negotiating over anything important.

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