Avik Roy Heard My Plea!

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I’ve been feeling really down the last few days. But I just noticed something that really improved my mood: Avik Roy tweeted my last rant about him:

When I wrote those words, I knew they had a certain poetic charm. Like Crow T. Robot’s six pages of “no” in Earth Vs. Soup, I wanted to get across the raw terror I must feel as a giant bowl of California Cornucopia Vegetable Jubilee slithers towards me on all fours. I mean: my raw anger at Avik Roy’s public disinformation campaign. I’m glad they didn’t go to waste on a bunch of people who agree with me!

And now my opinion of Avik Roy has gone way up for two reasons. First, he tweeted my link out which resulted it quite a lot of traffic. Second, that picture of him with the open collar makes him look kind of cool. Or like some lounge singer. Not that I take back a thing. He really is a cock sucking plutocrat bastard. Maybe I’ll take back the exclamation point.

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