Letter to President Obama on Fiscal Cliff

Obama Question MarkDear Mr. President:

I am very concerned about the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations. I don’t understand why you would offer a smaller increase on the top tax rate than the one that will happen automatically on Jan 1 in exchange for raising the Medicare eligibility age. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to think. Who knows what is really going on with these negotiations? But I fear that I and the many others who supported you are being sold out.

A bad deal on these negotiations will haunt the Democratic Party for a decade. The base (who the elites in our party really do seem to hate) will be extremely disillusioned after the giddy heights of last month’s election. Pundits are fond of saying that elections have consequences. But if this negotiation goes badly, your supporters will know this is not true—at least not now and not for us.

Stay strong. Go over the “Fiscal Cliff,” if need be. Please Mr. President, don’t screw this up.

-Frank Moraes

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