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Frank ConniffI am a big MST3K fan, as you can see by the fact that I call Mystery Science Theater 3000 “MST3K.” I never really understood the character TV’s Frank, but I’ve long thought that the actor Frank Conniff is a brilliant man. If I hadn’t already thought that, however, I certainly would have after subscribing to his Twitter feed. Here are just a few from the last week.

First up, movie fun:

Cannabis legalization:

This tweet was extra special because he got into a flame war with a lawyer who took exception of making fun of children becoming heroin addicts. Personally, if you can’t laugh at child junkies, who can you laugh at? Cripples?

Foreign policy:

Gay rights:

Song writing:

And the ultimate truth of the universe:

I recommend following the man.

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0 thoughts on “The Tweets of Frank Conniff

  1. Far, far too old for Twitter myself, but glad to hear TV’s Frank is still funny as ever. I remember living in Portland, OR, when the MST3K movie was released, and the local paper’s review said something along these lines: that watching the movie with rabid geeks was bizarre, that few others would want to see it, and that America might be a better place if everyone was like those bizarre MST geeks. How completely true; a sense of humor is the best bullshit deflector imaginable.

    And those new "Batman"s are intolerably pompous, humorless garbage. Push the button, Frank.

  2. @JMF – I too saw MST3K The Movie in Portland. But I was not as big a fan as I later became.

    I wish I had thought to use that line: push the button, Frank.

    One of my favorite bits:


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