Landfill Harmonic

Landfill HarmonicThe video below is a teaser for an upcoming documentary, Landfill Harmonics. It is wonderful and will make you laugh and cry and become a part of blah blah blah. What I worry about is that these people are left to live and die in poverty—but at least they have imported European classical music! Don’t get me wrong, I would not begrudge these people any small happinesses they may get. What’s more, I haven’t seen the movie; from this clip, I can’t tell what is going on. What is normally the case is that rich western classical music lovers funnel in money for these programs. In this case, it looks like the people are doing it themselves. The makeshift instruments are very cool. Of course, they could all be a marketing gimmick.

Regardless of all this, the clip is awesome. It’s a bit less than four minutes. Check it out:

See also, the fine documentary Waste Land.

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3 thoughts on “Landfill Harmonic

  1. @Mac Hinery – Thanks for the enlightening comment! I understand your frustration. Talk of poverty is just noise in the ether from someone with nothing to say.

  2. Hey @Mac Hinery
    What do YOU listen to for your musical enjoyment? The sound of the "L" as it passes overhead, spewing gas and dust? You’re a cruel and heartless swine. I find you incredible in your misery. I’m gonna say a quick prayer for you. I hope you find your ear!

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