Rand Paul Doesn’t Know His State

Rand PaulJames Carter made a marvelous catch today. Rand Paul was interviewed on WMAL-AM, out of Washington DC. And he got to bitching about what’s on everyone’s mind: Ashley Judd. She’s kind of like the modern Al Franken; everyone wants to know how events of the day will affect her, Ashley Judd. Thinking of starting a relationship? First ask yourself, “How will this affect her, Ashley Judd?” Driving to the supermarket? “Will she, Ashley Judd, be on the road? What would she, Ashley Judd, think of that plan?” Rand Paul cares about what might affect her, Ashley Judd.[1]

Rand Paul even cares about what she does. He’s even willing to give her political advice. When asked about some talk that she might run against him in 2016, he said, “She’s way damn too liberal for our country—for our state. She hates our biggest industry, which is coal, so I say, good luck bringing the ‘I hate coal’ message to Kentucky.”

Carter notes that Kentucky’s junior senator doesn’t seem to know what the state’s biggest industry is. It isn’t coal. In fact, coal isn’t even in the top 10 industries in the state. Check out his article for two different tables showing that coal is 13th by GDP and 15th by employment. He adds, “Shouldn’t a senator be embarrassed to make a mistake like this? And shouldn’t someone besides me be reporting it?”

Here is the interview:


During the interview, Rand Paul says a whole bunch of other things that are deceptive and even down right false. Neither he nor his father understand much about the Constitution or the economy. They are blinded by ideology.

[1] If you’re not aware of the Al Franken Decade, then this should clear things up:

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