I Heart GO

Lois Prices - I Heart GOI shop a lot at Grocery Outlet. They have amazing prices. Also, they have puppet spokespeople, and you know how I love puppets.

So I’m at Grocery Outlet recently, and they are selling a Lois Prices bobblehead. And she is holding a sign that reads, “I [heart] GO.” That seems very strange to me, but luckily my quick wit bursts into action: Grocery Outlet is a Chinese[1] company and they mistakenly believe that the game Go is very popular in the United States. It doesn’t sound right, but that’s all I’ve got.

I call up Will. He too is a big Grocery Outlet shopper. I tell him the story: Lois Prices; bobblehead; I [heart] GO. What could it mean? His quick wit bursts into action. “Something to do with the game?” he posits. We spend some time puzzling it out but end the conversation with no compelling leads.

Move ahead a few hours. Will is driving in his car with his wife, Bethann. He tells her about our conversion: Lois Prices; bobblehead; I [heart] GO. What could it mean?

A little back story here: Will’s wife thinks we are both idiots.

Bethann’s quick wit bursts into action. “You two are idiots,” she says. Will stares blankly—he already knows that. “It stands for Grocery Outlet.”

Oh! Right! That makes a lot more sense than the game!

[1] Grocery Outlet is not a Chinese Company. It was founded in San Francisco and its headquarters are in Berkeley.

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