More Attacks on Obamacare

Liberty UniversityThe fucktards at Liberty University are trying another attack on the ACA (Obamacare). Actually, this is an old case, but it is now going forward. The college has two problems with the healthcare reform law: employer mandate and birth control coverage. This is a scattershot approach to destroying legislation that they don’t like. But let’s look at this a little more closely.

Liberty University is the pretend college founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971. It was originally called “Lynchburg Baptist College” and slowly migrated to its current name. And that name is telling. Modern American Christianity has little to do with Christ and lots to do with conservative politics. Consider, for example, Patrick Henry College—you know, “Give me liberty or give me death”? These groups are big on the sort of liberty they think people wanted in the late 18th century: the liberty to force everyone to do as they say.

Kill the Pill

The attack on the birth control mandate in the ACA doesn’t make any sense. No employer will be paying for this. But it is the part of the law that is likely to get the most interests from Scalia and Alito. I have long said that if the right ever managed to outlaw abortion, they would next work on banning birth control. This is obvious now. As the conversion about abortion moves to whether rape victims ought to be allowed one, those on the leading edges of “liberty” are already calling for birth control bans.

The official line from Baptists is that they think birth control is fine as long as it prevents conception. Thus, they’re against using hormonal birth control: the pill. The problem here is that the pill works in two ways: it stops the egg from becoming fertilized and if it does get fertilized, it makes it harder for the egg to get implanted in the womb. There is no killing of fertilized eggs here. Basically, the pill works the way that condoms do. Having a problem with one but not the other shows a shocking lack of understanding of how the pill works.

Employer Mandate

The attack on the employer mandate shows the “good” Christians at Liberty University to be the hypocrites they are. It is one thing for Christian groups to claim that the government shouldn’t be in the “giving a shit about people” business because that’s their own gig. But a Christian college claiming that they don’t want to provide healthcare for their own employees?

I’m sure that the people at Liberty College would argue that they have no problem providing healthcare. They would say that they already do provide healthcare for most of their employees. It is just that the government shouldn’t dictate their behavior. But if that is the case, why the fuss? Does Liberty University really plan to keep their options open in the event of bad economic times? Do they really admit that God would do that to them? And even if He did, wouldn’t he expect them to do the right thing and continue to provide healthcare and close the budget gap some other way, like lowering the university president’s salary?

All of the complaints I’ve heard from conservative business owners sound very immature to me. “You’re not the boss of me!” And, “You can’t tell me what to do!” Coming from the likes of Papa John’s, this is about par for the course. But coming from supposed Christians? It’s just awful.

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  1. These people are not only arrogant, immature and hypocritical, they are entirely ignorant about contraception (among many, many other things). Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious here, but I think it necessary to point the following out, because I haven’t heard many people do so.

    One of the main reasons that people oppose legislation banning birth control is simple human rights: people should have control over their own reproductive organs. That’s a great argument, and one that shouldn’t have to be made, but there is another good reason to oppose such legislation. That reason is that hormonal birth control pills are not just used for contraception; they have other applications necessary for the health of certain women. Some women need these pills for their bodies to function properly.

    If you remember when Sandra Fluke was attacked, berated, and called names by many in the right-wing (most notably Rush Limbaugh) for defending birth control in her Congressional testimony, she related a story of a friend who requires birth control pills to prevent cysts from growing on her ovaries. But to right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh, she’s just a promiscuous slut.

    It both angers and perplexes me that such ignorant fuckwads sit on science committees, hold important political positions, and are in charge of passing legislation that affects vast numbers of people when they hardly understand any of the issues they’re trying to legislate.

    There are politicians that don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming, yet sit on science committees and are making important decisions dealing with the environment. There are politicians who don’t believe in evolution, yet some of them sit on science committees and make important decisions about education. The same is true of politicians that believe the earth is less than 6,000 years old. Other politicians, some on science committees, think that women who get pregnant from rape must have [i]liked[/i] it, because apparently women don’t get pregnant from "legitimate" rape because their bodies "have ways of shutting that whole thing down." There are politicians who believe, in addition to the former, that a zygote is entitled to more rights than the mother that’s hosting it, and they are making important decisions about women’s health. There are politicians that openly reject the separation of church and state and are imposing laws that incarcerate secular individuals. And I’ll reiterate: these people are making important decisions that affect many people! That both scares and angers me to no end.

    How is it that these people believe these things in the year 2012 with all of our scientific advancement? How is it that people like these are in positions of power and consequence? How is it that more people aren’t boiling with rage over these facts?

  2. @Mack – Weren’t you gearing up to start your own blog? This was a good rant–certainly as good as anything I write. Get going! I’ll host you for free.

    Yes, I remember the friend of Fluke. As I recall, by the time she got it taken care of, it had grown to the size of a grapefruit. The way it works is that Catholics will allow women to be on the pill if it is not for birth control. The problem is that they are so skeptical that women are trying to beat the system that they make it really hard.

    Regardless, you are right: this is about human rights. What if PETA decided that you couldn’t kill a parasite unless it was going to kill you. Just anemic? Take more iron! I do think the fetus suffering criteria would allow some limit to abortions (certainly not in the last trimester under normal circumstances), but frankly I’m not that comfortable with it. I’d like to think that a woman’s body is her own absolutely, but that doesn’t seem to work.

    Let me know about the blog. I’ll help.

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