Unskewed Polls Reinvented

Nate Silver tweeted this morning that we should not give Dean Chambers of Unskewed Polls any of the attention he so clearly craves. But this is like crack—it’s hard to resist. Chambers has started a new website, Barack O’Fraudo. On it, he offers up the following graph (thanks for Digby):

This is ridiculous, of course. But I still have a question, “Where did the other 73 votes go?” You may remember Unskewed Polls’ second to last election prediction (They put out a last-minute face-saving prediction that weren’t based upon new poll results.):

Unskewed Polls Projection of Presidential Race 2012

So if Obama stole those states, giving Romney 286 electoral votes, what happened to the 73 votes that would have brought Romney up to 359 votes? It just doesn’t make sense. But then it isn’t suppose to. I think that Chambers is just using his celebrity to make money off gullible conservatives—just like Fox News.

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