Romney Really Thinks What We Thought

Mitt Romney smirkJonathan Chait discovers the real Mitt Romney. And guess what?! It’s exactly what we thought: “The real Romney is indeed a sneering plutocrat.”

This comes from an article in the Los Angeles Times by Maeve Reston, Romney Reflects on His Loss in Call With Campaign Donors. The article is about a conference call that Romney had with donors today. Basically, Romney gave the Bill O’Reilly line: the poor want “free stuff” and President Obama is giving it to them. This isn’t true, of course: if anything, it is Romney who was pandering.

Chait notes that this is what we already thought:

I think the latest Romney donor remarks ought to put to rest the debate about his sincerity. When the 47 percent remarks emerged, I argued that it was the real Romney speaking. Some moderate Republicans suggested he was merely pandering to people whose donations he badly needed. I never thought this made much sense—surely Romney had ways of relating to wealthy Republicans without launching an extended analysis he didn’t believe—but the latest version of essentially the same riff ought to put that debate to rest.

I would go further. This is how the all the Republican elite think. They don’t have to make $20 million per year. In fact, that whole message that says loafers are stealing your stuff is an especially strong argument to people who are just scraping to get by. But it’s hard to say this about your unemployed brother-in-law who you know is working hard to find a job. It is much easier if you can imply that it is those brown-skinned people who you don’t much interact with. And this is part of the Republican demographic challenge.

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