Laugh and Crying with Victoria Jackson

Victoria JacksonThere is something in the water over at SNL and it ain’t LSD. Or maybe it is. That would kind of explain the likes of Dennis Miller, Jon Lovitz, and especially Victoria Jackson. On election night, she had a bigger meltdown than most conservatives, claiming that she couldn’t stop crying. And for good reason: “America died.” On the badness scale, that is one notch below, “Music died.” What especially sucks is there is no cool song to go along with it.

That evening Jackson also tweeted the now infamous, “Thanks a lot Christians for not showing up. You disgust me.” Can’t you just feel that Born Again love? You know what Jesus said, “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who votes Democratic to enter the kingdom of God.” So suck it all you America hating commie bastards!

And in this vein, Jackson tweeted this morning, “Obama’s policies (communism) PUNISH the Responsible and REWARD the Irresponsible.” This was following from a tweet last night in which she spread her Christian love:

Don’t get the wrong idea here: Victoria Jackson is not racist. You know this because of that caveat. It’s not that white people are better, it’s just that they tend that way—statistically! It’s just science. Like The Bell Curve. It’s not like she wants to kill non-whites; they’re just like Christians; you know: disgusting.

But perhaps we are too harsh on the once talented Ms. Jackson. She has known tragedy. Her first husband—fire eater Nisan Mark Eventoff—left her, because it is apparently easier to swallow fire than Victoria’s bullshit. And her two daughters are rumored to have died recently of extreme cases of shame and embarrassment. Jackson is apparently immune.

On her Twitter desciption, Victoria Jackson lists simply, John 16:33. For those of you not up on your Bible, John is the antisemitic Gospel. Not that I’m saying Jackson is antisemitic. Like most loon Christians, she probably loves the Jews because they are necessary to the Second Coming. After that they can burn in hell, of course. Anyway, here’s the verse:

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

I’m fond of this verse, because it calls on Christians to chill the fuck out. And they used to! It is only recently that the Religious Right rose up and decided they should work to make their perfect biblical government here on earth. This is why they get so angry at the radical Islamists: they’re competition.

I find it a little sad that Victoria Jackson could be doing all of this as an art form: political satire. It disturbs me that she is clearly not. She is all too typical of her species of born against Christianity that seems to think Jesus was Joseph McCarthy plus magic tricks. Reading Jackson’s comments is one of those rare activities where you truly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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  1. Recently, I listened to Howard Stern interview Victoria Jackson on his show during my drive to the clinic. Before this interview, I didn’t know anything about Victoria Jackson other than that she was on SNL, so it surprised me (to say the least) to learn what a right-wing loon she is. The thought that it could be political satire entered my mind as well, but it quickly became painfully clear that it wasn’t.

    Howard made the interview entertaining (I don’t think I could’ve sat through it if it had been a right-winger conducting the interview), but it was also quite disturbing to listen to her. It was poignant of you to say, in regard to her comments, that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, because I was thinking the same thing while I was listening to her.

  2. @Mack – I don’t like that phrase "laugh or cry" but it does fit here. What most strikes me is this bizarre take on Christianity. I know that traditionally, Christians have failed to live up to their own ideals. Hell, that’s baked into the religion itself. But I don’t think people misinterpreted the Bible the way they do now. If they were screwing over their neighbors, they knew it was wrong. Now we have these C St kind of Christians who imagine Jesus as this muscle bound warrior: Rambo or some such. Regardless, Christianity is not exactly a religion that reinforces capitalism and militarism. I don’t know what these people are thinking.

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