Letter to CA Re: Legal Murder

No Death PenaltyOkay California, you get to keep your fucking death penalty. The repeal proposition failed with 46% of the vote. I just want to say for the record that you people disgust me. Let me describe a conversation I recently had. It explains how you think—in as much as you do think.

I asked a friend if he was going to vote for Proposition 34. He is in favor of the death penalty, but I figured that the financial case against it might appeal to him. After all, his main argument for the death penalty is that he shouldn’t have to pay to feed the bastards for the rest of their lives.

Hell no! He wasn’t voting to get rid of the law. He told me we should just line up the bastards and shoot them. I counted that regardless of what he thought we should do, what we do do is let them rot on death row for years and that this costs much more than just letting them live out their natural lives.

For reasons that still do not make any sense to me, he then told me that we should just line up the bastards and shoot them. I figured it was best that I take a different approach. So I noted that innocent people are often exonerated before we kill them. I suggested that he would not be in favor of killing innocent people. He said he was not.

Good. In that case, why not let these people just serve life in prison? He responded that he did not want to pay for them to do that.

So the circle was closed. And we went around it again. And again. Then I stopped. I couldn’t take it any more.

I’m sure it wasn’t that my friend was that confused. He was just searching for an argument to justify what all of you 54% feel deep inside you. This is the ejaculatory release of killing these bad people. You all get off on the thought of lining up the bastards and shooting them.

All I can say is enjoy this feeling while you can. Because one day we may become civilized like most advanced countries rather than the way we are: like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Make no mistake: the joy you get out of this barbarism makes you less just, not more. And if you consider yourself a Christian: shame on you.

But at least you get to keep your fucking death penalty. For now.

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  1. There is an interesting paradox inherent in the death penalty. If the state puts one innocent person to death the state then becomes guilty of murder…for which the punishment is death. If the state is a democracy and thus the will of the people, the people themselves are guilty of murder.

  2. @Andy – Yes. I’ve written about this. The Mythical Perfect Government Killing Machine:


    Note that conservatives believe corporations are people. Yet when corporations are responsible for the death of a flesh and blood person, they are not charged with manslaughter. So corporations are people who just happen to be above criminal law. And apparently so is the perfect government killing machine.

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