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Ballot BoxI could easily write another 5 articles tonight, but I figure I’ve already written a good deal too much. But before going to bed, I wanted to list how I’m most likely going to vote tomorrow.

President: Jill Stein (But I still support President Obama for re-election and I may vote for him in the end anyway.)

US Senator: Dianne Feinstein (I’m not happy about this but there is no choice.)

US Representative: Mike Thompson

State Assembly 2nd District: Wesley Chesbro (I really like Tom Lynch, but California is in too bad a spot to go with him right now.)

Santa Rosa City Council: Banuelos, Carlstrom, Combs, Wysocky

Prop 30: Yes

Prop 31: No

Prop 32: No

Prop 33: No

Prop 34: Yes

Prop 35: No (This just sounds like one of those laws that will be applied in ways no one voting for it imagined. See Prop 36.)

Prop 36: Yes

Prop 37: Yes

Prop 38: No (This is a regressive tax and is only on the ballot to kill Prop 30.)

Prop 39: Yes (“It will hurt the Job Creators!” Any argument based on this myth should be ignored.)

Prop 40: NV (I’m not keen on this whole issue and given no one is opposing it and I don’t know enough, I’m not voting.)

County School Board Area 4: Lisa Wittke Schaffner

City High School Board: Laura Gonzalez, Donna Jeye (Not: Larry Haenel, Brian Noble)

City Q: Yes (Smaller represented bodies are best.)

City R: Yes (I hate binding arbitration, but this looks like something worth trying.)

City S: Yes (Why was I even asked?)

City T: Yes (Ditto.)

Have fun tomorrow. I know I will! (At least until the results come in.)

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  1. Frank, are you as nervous as I am about tonight? I know Obama is the favorite, but stranger things have happened. I’m preparing myself for the worst.

    Man, I really hope Obama wins. I wish I could vote! Damn procrastination.

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