Obama Calls for Reparations

The OnionAccording to the ONION, President Obama has made a major announcement, This May Not Be The Ideal Moment Politically, But It’s Time To Talk Reparations.

It’s a funny OpEd. The President does not bring the issue up lightly, but he isn’t going to lie, either:

Now, Americans have grown accustomed to hearing a lot about jobs, Medicare, and national security in recent months, so I can understand that it will be confusing when I suddenly begin to speak exclusively about making up for this country’s past mistakes by exempting black people from paying all taxes. I know that using the last few days of my campaign to push for a comprehensive reparations plan will, at best, alienate voters and, at worst, incite frustration, disgust, and outright contempt toward me—not to mention irreversibly recast my presidential legacy.

This brings up an obvious question: how many conservatives will tweet and email this articles to friends and family. “Can you believe what Obama is doing!?” We may even get some blog posts. Like the ONION‘s Obama, I am serious about this. The problem is that the ONION has too perfectly created the Obama that conservatives think is real.

It’s sad, but it could be damn amusing!

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