Conservative Affirmative Action

George WillMustang Bobby over at Bark Bark Woof Woof has a fun snarky article about George Will’s attempt to speak for the beau monde in all his bow tied crustiness—you know that Barack Obama is just a working class kid?! Of course, George Will is only part of the privileged class because of all the money he’s made as an apologist for it. He comes from a middle class family in Illinois.

Although David Brooks does not put on quite the airs of George Will, this is only because he is one more generation removed from the inventor of snob conservatism: William F. Buckley. Dean Baker tells us that David Brooks Is Upset that President Obama Hasn’t Inflicted More Pain on the Middle Class. Brooks calls for the President to “shift government resources from the affluent elderly to struggling young families and future growth.” But Baker notes:

Of course Brooks doesn’t really mean “affluent” elderly. We know that Brooks and his political allies question whether even people earning above $250,000 a year are affluent when it comes to tax cuts… Brooks wants to see Obama cut benefits for retired nurses, school teachers, truck drivers and other middle class workers.

Both Brooks and Will are a credit to their kind—but I’m not talking about blue blood.

The truth is that they are both excellent examples of conservative affirmative action. This is where the intelligence, knowledge, and cleverness requirements of pundits are lowered (or removed) so that shows can have a “conservative voice.” Think: S. E. Cupp on any MSNBC show.

There is also liberal anti-affirmative action. This is where Fox News finds the most useless and anemic liberal to offer fake balance. These “liberals” are normally played by moderates, but also very often conservatives. Think: Juan Williams on any Fox News program.

Let’s all be grateful for conservative affirmative action! If it weren’t for these programs, George Will might be on the street offering baseball analogies for spare change. And that’d just be sad—bow tie or no.

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