Unskewed Polls Goes Bold

And I thought the crying child would be the best thing of the day. How wrong I was! Here is the Unskewed Polls projection of the presidential race:

<%image(20121101-unskewedprojection.jpg|450|386|Unskewed Polls Projection of Presidential Race 2012)%>

All you need to know here is that every state that Romney has even the slightest chance of winning is given to him. So even in Minnesota where Obama leads in every poll by 3 to 8 percentage points, Unskewed Polls, in their infinite wisdom calls the state for Romney. If this sounds familiar: it should.

If this election goes more or less as the polls suggest, it’s going to be fun to drop over to the Unskewed Polls website next Wednesday. On the other hand, if they turn out to be right, I’ll be too depressed to even think about what went wrong.

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